Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First blog

   I have never really blogged before or even though that I would end up doing one but now I am.
So I guess I should start with the basics right? Well I am a 19 year old male who wanted to be in the Marine corp and serve the country as best as I could, but fate has a different idea for me.  So I am now a College student who is working a pretty much full time job.  Just living life as best as I can without feeling so failed in my dream of becoming a Marine.  I do plan to become a police officer of some kind, so i can serve and protect people in a different way that I would of in the Marine Corp.  On a lighter note I found a hobby that makes me happy and other people too.  I became a Glover, which is someone who is someone at a rave or an electronic/dance concert who gives lightshows.  The art show of using your hands with lights on the tips of your fingers from a pair of gloves you are wearing to give a show to a person or multiple people to a song.  It is a lot of fun and many of my friends are super supportive of my hobby and i like it a lot.  So I think I am going to stop for now.